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Shutter installation

Getting Shutters fitted…How does it work?

Over the years we have mastered the art of surveying and installing shutters, but how does the process of getting shutters fitted actually work?

There are many shutter companies around Leicestershire, but none are like Barlow Blinds. We are a fifth generation family run business, so you could say blinds and shutters are in our blood.

Enough about us… So how does the Barlow Blinds process work? How does it differ from other companies?

Step 1: Book an appointment

The first step couldn’t be easier.  Simply call 0116 2769771 to arrange your home survey or leave your details and we will give you a call  Anita, Gail, Sandra (my mum) or Lorna (my wife.. I did say a family business) will arrange an appointment at a date and time that suits you (We even do weekends and evenings).

The booking process is very quick and easy. The only information we need is your Name, Address, Telephone number and how many windows you would like us to measure.

The number of windows will allow us to allocate the right amount of time for your appointment.

You will be sent an appointment confirmation with details and photo of which member of our shutter team will be visiting.

Step 2: It’s Survey Day

This is where things we start doing things a little differently.

A member of our shutter team will arrive at your home at the time arranged in our mobile shutter showroom. Yes, we actually have fully operating shutters installed in the back of our van.

I would never expect anyone to pay a penny having just seen a few swatches and some small panel samples.

We have real pride in the shutters that we install and love the fact you can look, feel and operate them before you buy.

Our Shutter Van (which I believe is the only one in the UK) has a number of different shutters for you to see and operate.

shutter van exterior

We have a Blackout Shutter that is a great choice for your bedrooms. 

a Right angle shutter if you have a square bay window.

a 3 panel shutter if you have a  3 sided bay window.

a track shutter that would suit your french or bifold doors.

shutter van interior bay bifold shutter van

We have also built into these shutters all the other options / choices to help you make the best decisions for your shutters.

Shutters can be complicated so to ensure you get exactly the right shutters for you we use our 9 Step Shutter Specification .

shutters framework

We will take you through each one of the 9 steps to ensure you get the perfect shutters for your home.

Each step is backed up by the shutters in our van and by photos for each option so you can see exactly how they will look and operate.

Before we leave your home you will have a fully costed quotation based on the choices you have made in the 9 step process.

Want to see what happens when other companies don’t follow the 9 steps….

Step 3: Placing your order

There will be no pressure for you to place the order on the survey day (we do not pay commission to our surveyors).

If you are happy with the choices you have made and we have given you the confidence that we are the right company to supply and install your shutters, then the next step is placing your order.

To proceed with your order we ask for a deposit.

We have 2 options which will depend on how you would prefer to pay for your shutters.

Option 1 is a 50% deposit to confirm the order and the remaining 50% once your shutters are fitted and your are completely happy.

Option 2 is a 25% deposit to confirm the order and the remaining balance paid monthly over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. We use the services of a external finance company for the monthly payment option.

ideal finance

Please note: We would never ask you to pay the FULL AMOUNT UP FRONT for your shutters, or ask for the remaining balance to be paid BEFORE your shutters are installed.

I would not be comfortable doing that if I was a potential customer, so why should I expect you to pay for something before the work is completed.

I have total confidence in our ability to survey, order and install your shutters, and I know your shutters are the very best on the market. So why would you need to pay before you have seen them?

Step 4: The installation

The wait is over. A member of our booking team will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time to install your shutters.

The surveyor who measured your shutters will also be there on your installation day. This is important to ensure everything gets fitted exactly as you requested.

This is where we do things a little differently. Our aim on your installation day is to keep the mess and disruption in your home to a minimum so the shutters for your smaller windows will be built up in our factory prior to your installation date.

Don’t worry they will be transported in specially designed padded cases. This helps limit the amount of cardboard and packaging we have in your home and means your shutters get fitted quicker.

shutters bags

So you can sit back, relax and watch your windows be transformed.

Your 5 year guarantee will start from your installation day.

I hope this article gives you the peace of mind knowing we have given a lot of thought over the years to every aspect of your ‘Getting Shutters fitted’ journey.

We think we have thought of everything but if during your journey you think there is something we can improve then I would love to hear from you.

Please drop me an email:

If you would like our shutter van to visit your home please call 0116 2769771 or leave your detail and we will call you back

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