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Electric blinds…privacy and light control at a touch.

Electric blinds have never been more in demand as they are today.

Ease, convenience and our love of anything electric has led to a huge growth.

The other major driving force has been the price, 4 years ago an electric blind would have cost an extra £300 on top of the cost of the blind, now it is down to as low as £99.

So for less than £200 your could have an electric blind installed and operate it from the comfort of your sofa.

Even though the prices have dropped amazingly the quality of the products haven’t.

Take a remote controlled roller blind, there are no wires to run into the window, no ugly battery packs to hide and the remote control looks like a certain fruit inspired smartphone.

one touch remote

The roller blinds charge the same way as your phone, every few months simply plug them in, leave them to charge and then remove the charging lead. Simple.

Most blind styles can now be made as electric blinds, so you certainly aren’t limited on choice.

Electric blinds can also be operated from your smartphone or tablet by simply attaching a hub to your wifi router.

Powerview remote phone tablet

Your blinds can then be operated from anywhere in the world.

The also allows you to program your blinds to operate at certain times of the day. So if you want to make sure your children are out of bed in the summer holidays then you can schedule their blinds to open at say 10am.

Powerview IPhone App

This is a great feature for holiday time as your home will still appear as being occupied whilst you are away.

A simply tip with scheduling is to have your blinds scheduled while you are at home and continue the same schedule while you are away. That way if some is watching your home the routine stays the same.

The hub also allows your blinds to be voice activated via Alexa, so you can then ‘talk’ to your blinds.

The hub is only £249 so you certainly get a lot for your money and can be set up at the time your blinds are installed and is very simple to program so you can set up the schedules that suit your lifestyle.

I hope this information helps and it maybe it would be worth a visit to your local blind showroom to see the electric blinds for yourself.

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