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Duette Blinds for bi-fold doors

Duette blinds for bi-fold doors are a great choice, and there 2 different options of Duette blinds for your bi-fold doors.

  1. Duette blinds for bi-fold doors… Internal

Internal blinds or simple fit as they are know are duette blinds that are fitted to each panel of your bi-fold door.

bi fold duette

Don’t worry these blinds do not need to be screwed or drilled to fix they to your doors, they simple fix into the beading of the doors

The only issue you may have with this type of duette blinds for bi-fold doors are when the doors are fully open (folded back). If your doors are touching when the are folded back this option may not be possible as you do need a 20mm gap between each panel.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is these blinds will work out more expensive than other styles as you need one blind per panel.

2. Duette blinds for bi-fold doors….External

When I say external I don’t mean outside, I just mean not fitted to the door panels.

These duette blinds fit in front of your bi-fold doors, so you will need less blinds, and with a maximum width per blind of 4 metres you could cover your doors with 1 or 2 blinds.

Blinds over french doors

This style of duette blinds can be operated with a cord, by hand (literise) so no cords or chains or by remote control or with powerview can even be controlled from your phone.

Powerview remote phone tablet

cordless blinds literiseThere are size limitations for the powerview and lite rise options but what makes the duette blinds ideal for bi-fold doors is that if you need or would prefer 3 or 4 blinds to cover the doors you will have no cords or chains hanging down when the blinds are up.

With duette blinds fitted side by side the gap between to 2 blinds is very small when compared to other blind styles like roller blinds where the gap can be as much as 50mm.

duette bi fold reduced gap


I hope this information helps, and I would recommend a visit to your local duette dealer as see the blinds and fabrics for yourself.

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