Intu Blinds

No drilling, no holes – just beautiful blinds

If you’re looking for blinds that deliver great results without the need for drilling, INTU blinds are the perfect option. The made to measure blinds are designed to work in complete harmony with UPVC windows, doors, and conservatories.

There’s no need for any drilling or screws, as they’re designed to be flexible enough to fit into nearly all styles of modern windows and doors.

You can choose from a range of colours, plus with the option of either roller, pleated, or venetian blinds, you’re bound to find a style to suit you.

The fact that INTU blinds fit very close to the glass makes them the perfect choice for Bi-fold doors and Tilt and Turn doors and windows.

And, because there’s no free-hanging cord loop, they’re one of the safest blinds available.

If you are looking for Perfect Fit blinds call in to our showroom and we can show you why we think INTU Blinds are a much better solution.

INTU Blinds are also known as Luxaflex Simple Fit Blinds and great thing about us being a Luxaflex Inspiration Dealer is that you can be confident that we will always have the very latest in window blind design

Save money on your energy bills

The range of INTU blinds includes a collection of cellular pleated blinds, which are great at saving you money on your energy bills.

Thanks to their unique honeycomb construction, they’re able to keep your home cool in the summer and warmer during winter.

So you won’t have to use the heating as much when it’s cold or rely on electric fans or air con to keep your rooms cool when it’s hot.

If you’d like to take a look at the range, why not visit our showroom in Leicester? Alternatively, you can call us on 01163 660 652 for more information.

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