Aluminium Venetian

…the ultimate in light control

One of the things so many people love about venetian blinds is their versatility and ease of use. With the twist of a wand, you can decide to let the sunlight in or, if it’s getting too hot, you can close them and keep out the heat. And for those wintery afternoons, you can angle them slightly, to let in light without losing too much heat.

And when it comes to the design, your options are endless. You can choose from a range of colours, wood tones, and contemporary designs, so you’re bound to find the blinds that suit your taste. Slats are available in a range of sizes, starting from 16mm right up to 70mm.

Safe and sustainable

As well as making sure your blinds look great, you’ll also want to know that they’re safe to use – especially when children are involved. With just one touch, you can raise and lower your Luxaflex LiteRise blind – there are no cords.

Better still, all Luxaflex blinds are made from 98% recycled aluminium, so they’re great for the environment.

The great thing about us being a Luxaflex Inspiration Dealer is that you can be confident that we will always have the very latest in window blind design.

Integrated options

Thanks to advancements in blind design, the INTU venetian range of blinds fit neatly into the beading of your windows – so you don’t have to do any drilling because they fit seamlessly into your windows or doors.

You’ll get a 2-year on site guarantee, plus the option of over 500 different slat colours.

Want to find out more about your options? Call us now on 01163 660652 and we’ll be happy to help.

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