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Do shutters add value to your home?

Do shutters add value to your home? The answer is yes.
There are a number of reasons why shutters add value to your home when compared to other styles of window coverings.

1. Do shutters add value to your home? Curb appeal.

As the saying goes “First impressions count” and the first impression people get of your home is from the outside. Having the right shutters at your windows in my opinion creates by far the best curb appeal when compared to all other window covering.

We install shutters everyday and even now after fitting 1000’s of them our fitting teams take photos of some of the homes we visit simply because of how good they look.

shutters with curb appeal Do shutters add value to your home?

Our fitting team were loading the van after installing several shutters in this home and as they turned around and looked up, “Even after years of fitting shutters I still get those wow moments and this was one of those.

I did say having the ‘right shutters’ at your windows. Having bad advice when ordering shutters can detract from the appearance of your home.

bad shutters in bay window bad shutter

When people order shutters most of their decisions are made around how the shutters will look from inside of the home, but as you can see from the photos above a little thought needs to be given to how they will look from outside. Some very simple changes to both of these shutters at the time of ordering would have made all the difference to the curb appeal.

If you would like more information on how to avoid the most common shutter problems find out more here

2. How can shutters add value to your home? Long lasting.

The reliability and hard wearing nature of shutters means they should never need replacing. So for anyone looking to buy a home that has shutters at the windows it is one less expense they have to worry about.

As you can imagine we visit homes regularly when new owners have moved in and they want to replace the existing window blinds. It is very, very rare that we have to replace shutters for something different.

3. How do shutters add value to your home? Privacy and security

Shutters are the most versatile window covering product we have when it comes to privacy. The ability to have the bottom section of the shutter closed to provide the privacy and to have to top open to allow light in is something that very few other window coverings can do.

window shutters bay window

The construction of a shutter with the frames and posts from a visual and a practical point of view makes your home look and feel more secure when compared to other blind styles.

Having the louvres set at an angle to prevent people seeing in some time before going on holiday means when you are away it is not obvious whether you are home or not. I have this conversation fairly often when discussing security. There is nothing more obvious if your roller or roman blinds are left down for a long period of time.

Remember getting the right advice BEFORE ordering your shutters is the key. If you are in Leicestershire and would like a visit from our mobile shutter showroom or if you would like a chat about your shutters please call 0116 2769771 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back

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