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Do energy efficient blinds work?

Do energy efficient blinds work? is something we are getting asked more and more as it is not only about how your blinds will look but will they help reduce your heating bills in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer.

The great thing is that the blind trade has really stepped up and are now focusing on designing energy efficient blind styles and fabrics.

The simple answer to the question Do energy efficient blinds work? is yes they do.

window with no blinds window with blinds

Any blind fitted at your window will act as a barrier that will help keep the hot air inside in the winter and help keep the heat out in the summer.

There are fabrics and blind types that work better than others.

Believe it or not but the colour of your blinds will make a difference particularly in the summer., energy efficient blinds that work the best in the summer months are those blinds / fabrics with a white backing.

A white backing will reflect far more heat than a darker colour and this will help to keep your rooms cooler.

Summer shadegraph

There are now fabrics for Vertical ,Roller and Pleated Blinds with a metallic reflective coating on the back of the fabric. Designed originally for conservatory blinds these are a brilliant option if your aim is to keep your home cooler in the summer.

When it comes keeping the heat in during the colder months the energy efficient blinds that work the best is any blind with a honeycomb fabric.

The big advantage with the honeycomb fabric when compared to the more traditional roller and vertical blind fabrics is that you have a double thickness of fabric plus the design of the fabric traps a layer of air inside the fabric that acts in a similar way to double glazing which helps keep much more of the heat inside your home.

duette fabric

Another big advantage with the honeycomb fabrics is that they are fantastic blackout blinds, with the fabric running right to the very end of the blind reducing the light gaps at the side when compared to blackout roller blinds.

The majority of the honeycomb fabrics have white backing, as I mentioned before this will help keep your rooms cooler in the summer.

So when it comes to energy efficient blinds if you want the very best and your budget can stretch to the honeycomb blinds then they would be the perfect blinds.

If you budget won’t stretch then look for the reflective or white backing on the fabrics of the more traditional styles of blinds.

If you would like a home visit to discuss the right energy efficient blinds for your home please give me a call on 0116 2769771 or leave your details and we will call you back

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