Reliability Guaranteed

Our blinds have passed a 10 year lifecycle test.

Most businesses struggle to find reliable, hard wearing blinds. The components in our commercial blinds have been 10 year lifecycle tested, so are made to last. So you can concentrate on running your business and not have to worry about getting blinds repaired.

Finding the right company to carry out a professional site survey, and supplying and installing blinds in your workplace is easy isn’t it…………..

The simple answer is …..No, not all blinds or blind companies are the same.

We have been the blind company of choice for many of Leicestershire’s largest and most prestigious organisations.

They already know that we only supply and install commercial grade, high quality window blinds. We’ve been doing it for over 125 years.

Creating the perfect environment for you, your staff and your visitors.

Our service begins with a no obligation site survey by our experienced staff who will recommend the correct solution and provide costings.

We know how valuable your time is so you will be given a guaranteed 1 hour time slot, so there is no disruption to the rest of your day.

Need them fast? Our in house manufacturing capability allows us to schedule installations on the tightest deadlines.

Let us help you create a safe and comfortable workplace.

Choosing the right fabric and type of blind can make a huge difference to productivity and morale.

People perform best when in a favourable environment. Temperature and light both play a major part in everyone’s performance and morale.

Heat Control.

According to one study (Creating the productive workplace – E & FN Spon. 2000) a work space exposed to a temperature of 25 – 30 degrees leads to a 2% loss in productivity. This figure can reach 10% when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

Light Control.

Uncontrolled glare particularly on computer screens is a source of eye fatigue. This not only slows down a person’s work rate but could result in health problems that could ultimately lead to absence from work.

A correctly specified window blind is the most cost effective method of controlling these two variables.