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Changing fabric on your Roller Blind


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A question we get asked a lot when it comes to roller blinds is if we decide to re-decorate and have a different colour scheme do we have to replace the complete blind.

The simple answer is no, your local blind company can just replace the fabric and re-use the hardware, so there is no need to replace the brackets.

As long as your local blind company makes their own roller blinds then it is just the case of taking down your existing blind (or call them in to take it down) go into your local blind shop and choose a different fabric that suits your new decor.

They will then order your chosen fabric which usually takes a couple of days.

They will then remove the old fabric from your roller and replace it with your new fabric.

The blind is then ready to re-fit back into the brackets.

Its as simple as that.

Havana Roller blind fabric
Havana Roller blind fabric

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