Faux wood blinds……Wooden blinds with a twist.

Faux wood blinds are becoming more and more popular and has now over taken our sales of traditional wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds are designed to look like wooden venetian blinds but were suitable to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and en-suites. Being made of PVC they are waterproof, which makes them much easier to […]

What blinds are best for kitchens?

What blinds are best for kitchens? We’ve spent 130 years learning what is and what isn’t right for certain rooms in your home, and the kitchen is a room where the blinds need to be very practical and hard wearing. Our recommendations are always based on 2 things. Reliability and practically. Will it last? We will […]

Which blinds would suit your pets?

Just had a really interesting conversation with a lady who needed new blinds for her home. The interesting part of the conversation was that the blinds needed to suit her pets. There was no interest in what style of blind most suited her windows it was all about the cats. Choosing blinds with pets to consider is […]

Blinds are all the same. Aren’t they ?

This was a question I was asked by a client in our showroom “Blinds are all the same aren’t they ? We can’t understand why the prices vary so much” There are two main factors that will affect the prices of the blinds you are looking for. The quality of the fabrics and components. The […]