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“We need help keeping our house warm”

We had a call asking if we could give some advice on keeping a house warmer in the winter.


The house had very poor insulation due to its age and its style. The big problem was the windows were single glazed, but could not be replaced due to conservation issues.

The other problem was they were using their full length curtains to keep as much heat in as possible, the problem was the radiators were behind the curtains so most of the heat went straight out of the window.

Our solution:

We have a fantastic product called Duette. It is a product that was designed specifically with energy saving in mind. It is a double honeycomb fabric that works in a similar way to double glazing. There is a layer of air in the blind (in fact a double layer) that prevents the heat escaping. With blinds fitted inside the recess, so there was no need to close the curtains and the radiators weren’t covered.

The result:

The difference was amazing. The rooms felt warm and cosy. The clients also saw a huge drop in their heating bills.

Our advice:

There are a wide variety of blinds available that have been designed as energy saving products. Any blind can work as a barrier to stop heat escaping, but some are better than others. Honeycomb or Duette blinds work very well (as in this case), roman blinds also offer very good insulation as they are generally lined.