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“We can’t use our conservatory in the summer”

A couple came into our showroom to ask for advice on keeping their conservatory cool in the summer.


£22,000 spent on a conservatory which was described by the couple as the most expensive oven they had ever bought. All glass and south facing means the conservatory is going to get very, very hot on sunny days.

Our solution:

A blind with a standard fabric would have very little effect on reducing the heat, but the fabrics with a reflective coating on the back will make a huge difference. So we installed pleated blinds for the roof and for the windows both with reflective fabrics.

The result:

The conservatory still got warm in the summer but it was still pleasant to sit in. They also worked really well for heat retention in the winter, in fact Mr and Mrs Foster even had their Christmas dinner in the conservatory.


Our advice:

Choosing the right fabric is really important when it comes to blinds that not only look good but also help make your home more useable all year round.