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The classroom blinds are always needing repairs

A local school gave us a call and asked if we could help with the on-going issues with their blinds.


The maintenance team at the school were spending quite a lot of their time sorting twisted and knotted chains, broken chain joiners and damaged fabric due to the mis-use of the blinds by the children.

Our solution:

We wanted to find a solution that reduced to on-going maintenance for the school and give the teachers better control of the classroom blinds. Gear operated roller blinds with detachable handles were the perfect choice.


The result:

The maintenance team have very few issues with the blinds as there are no cords or chains to get tangled or knotted. The teachers have total control of the blinds, they move them to the desired position and simply take the handle away.

Our advice:

When it comes to blinds that may not be used with the same care as the ones in your home, like schools, workplaces and rental properties then buying blinds with a robust operating system will reduce the long term hassle and maintenance issues.