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“The bottom of my blinds are going mouldy”

We had a call from a lady who had vertical blinds in her bedroom and the bottom of the blinds had started going mouldy. The blinds were ten years old, so really hadn’t done that bad, but they really didn’t look great.


In the winter months there was a build up of condensation on her windows and over the years the fabric had got damp every winter eventually causing the mould.

Our solution:

We did recommend look at new windows, but the lady’s budget couldn’t run to that. So if we couldn’t solve the moisture problem then she needed a fabric that would cope in wet conditions. We use a lot of PVC fabrics in bathrooms and kitchens as they are completely waterproof, so this was a very simple fix, just new fabric strips.

The result:

The lady still had the condensation problem but the right blinds in the right fabric did the trick and will last far longer than the ten years of her old ones.

Our advice:

There are a wide variety of fabrics available for the different types of blinds, so if you are getting someone in to quote for new blinds please give them all of the information about any problems and exactly what you need the blinds to do. They can then help you find the best solution