“The air conditioning keeps failing in our gym”

An urgent phone call came through from the maintenance director of a prestgious Leicestershire hotel saying that their air condtioning had broken down again because their gym was getting too hot.


The gym has floor to ceiling windows that were south facing with only fancy net curtains to add some privacy. The air conditioning was working flat out to keep the room cool and kept breaking down

Our solution:

Vertical Blinds with reflective backed fabric. The fabric has a silver backing that reflects a lot of the sunlight and also a lot of the heat.

The result:

The hotel were able to reduce the air con down to 50% which made the system far more reliable and massively reduced their energy bills.


Our advice:

Choosing the right fabric is really important when it comes to blinds that not only look good but also help make your workplace a nicer place to be, and help reduce your energy bills.