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“My children’s bedroom still isn’t dark enough.”

We were contacted by a mum who was having problems with her young children waking up earlier in the morning on very sunny days. We sent one of our surveyors out to see if we could help.

Problem 1:

The blind at the window hadn’t been made with blackout fabric.

Problem 2:

It was a Vertical Blind, not the best choice for room darkening. The really sad thing is that these blinds were only 3 months old and it would seem that she had some really poor advice or didn’t explain clearly what she wanted the blind to achieve.

Our solution:

We have a special roller blind system that will blockout the vast majority of the early morning sun and this blind could be fitted in front of her existing blinds. So she had a vertical blind for privacy in the day time and the blackout system for night time.

My advice:

If you are getting a company to quote for your blinds then be as clear as you can about what you need the blinds to do, in this case block out as much light as possible. If they are a professional company they will give you the best options, you don’t always have to go for ‘special’ systems as there are some really good options for bedroom blinds, you just need the right advice.