“I need blinds to stop everything fading”

We had a call from a gentleman who wanted a solution to stop him having to spend money on replacing flooring, curtains and furniture due to fading.


Very large patio doors and a south facing garden. The customer showed us his wooden floor and the back of his curtians. WOW you really don’t realise the effect the sun can have.


Our solution:

Anything we could fit inside the room would over time have the same issues with fading, but at least it would stop the flooring and furniture fading. An awning would be the perfect solution, it would eliminate all of the fading and fitted with an automated sun sensor the awning would put itself out when it got sunny and put itself away if the sun goes in or if the wind picks up.

The result:

No more fading, so the gentleman now has new flooring, new curtains and a new sofa. There are also 3 added bonuses “the living room is so much cooler in the summer, we can still see into the garden because we don’t have to close the curtains and we can now enjoy eating in the garden all summer as the awning gives us a great shaded area”



Our advice:

Having blinds fitted inside the room will solve some of the fading issues and it is much cheaper to to replace a blind than replace flooring and furniture. Having an awning is the perfect solution and has so many other benefits