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“I don’t want blinds in front of my bi-fold doors”

We had a call from a rather irritated man who had had several blind companies out to quote for blinds for his bi-fold doors.

All 3 companies had recommended various types of blinds that would need to be fitted in front of his doors. “ Don’t bother wasting my time if you are going to recommend the same” Lets come out and have a look and see what options are open to you.


The gentleman’s Bi-fold door frames were virtually touching each other when they were folded back (the door was fully open). This left next to no space to fit any blinds.

Our solution:

We have a product that was designed specifically to fit on to doors called INTU. There are no holes, no drilling and no screws so they look great on bi-fold and french doors. Standard INTU blinds will fit perfectly on to 90% of UPVC bi-fold doors, the 10% they won’t fit are because of the issues we had here I.e frames almost touching. So we now have the INTU Micro blind which has been designed for exactly these types of doors as they are slimmer than the standard INTU.

The result:

The gentleman got exactly what he wanted, blinds fitted on his doors and not in front of them.


Our advice:

There are a wide variety of blinds out there so there probably is exacty the right blind for you, you just need to find the right company. We have a policy, we don’t find customers for our blinds, we find blinds for our customers.