white traingle pattern

“Can you help add some colour to my new home?”

A lady called into our showroom with an interesting request for advice on adding some colour to her rooms as they are all painted magnolia.


New build houses tend to have all of the walls painted in either white or magnolia. Our solution: We have a wide range of fabrics that can add some colour to the rooms. The windows in the kitchen / diner was a real focal point and we really needed to keep the

overall look of the pod but also add some colour. Our recommendation was INTU Venetian Blinds that fit close to the glass so you are not hiding the shape of the windows, and having blinds in different colours made it a real feature.

The result:

Created a real focal point in what was a fairly bland room. The colours perfectly suited the lady’s style and personality and the blinds also did a great job of filtering the light from her south facing windows.

Our advice:

Don’t be afraid to add a little colour. We are seeing more people creating feature windows rather than feature walls. Think about what colours you can mix together to create something truly bespoke.