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Blinds without screws…no holes no drilling.

We are getting ask more and more for blinds without screws. Mostly in nice new shiny conservatories where there is a concern about guarantees etc. But are now getting requests for blinds inside the home.

INTU Blinds were design with this in mind. They are designed to be installed with the brackets simply pushing behind the rubber seal on your double glazing.

No need for drills or screws, just great looking practical blinds that actually look part of your windows or doors.

intu brackets

INTU blinds without screws are available as an aluminium venetian blind, a pleated blind or an energy saving duette blind.

The aluminium venetian will give you the most control of the light entering the room by tilting the slats.


Pleated and Duette blinds will give your more of a natural fabric appearance and are simply raised or lower to your desired position again controlling the amount of light entering your room.

brown blinds


Ideal for Bi – fold and French Doors

INTU Blinds are ideal for bi-fold and french doors as they fit the door panels so still allow the doors to be opened fully, again they are blinds without screws so there will be no issues with guarantees on your doors.

Blinds covering doors


Perfect blinds  for your Conservatory

INTU Blinds are the perfect choice for your conservatory. The blinds actually look part of the conservatory rather than having blinds screwed to the frames of your windows.

intu roof blinds in conservatory

Many of the pleated fabrics in the INTU range have a reflective back that will reduce the heat in your conservatory in the summer and also help retain the heat inside in the winter.

I would always recommend a visit to your local blind showroom so you can see for yourself how these fantastic blinds look and work, so you can make the right choice for your home or conservatory.


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