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Blinds for rental property

Blinds for rental property really need to be different to the blinds you buy for your own home.

The main reason I say that is that generally people who are renting properties will not take as much care with things as you would in your own home. I know there are always exceptions to that but in 30 years in the blind trade I’ve replaced enough blinds in rental properties to have a good idea.

There are really 2 options for your blinds….. off the shelf blinds or made to measure blinds.

Blinds for rental property option 1: Off the shelf

Off the shelf blinds are a great option for rental properties as they are cheap to buy, so are cheap to replace should you need to.

Costing between £10 -£30 depending on blind style, size and fabric choice and are available from places like B&Q and Dunelm.

The downside is you will need to fit them yourself and have to alter the size. My recommendation would be fit roller blinds outside of the window recess so you do not need to cut them down.

Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind

The other aspect of off the shelf blinds for your rental property is their lifespan. They are designed to meet a certain price point and be easy to alter the size. So they will not be as robust and hard wearing as the dearer options so again may need replacing more often.

Blinds for rental property option 2: Made to Measure

The made to measure blinds are the more costly option with blinds costing between £70-£200 again depending on blind type, size and fabric.

What you are really paying for with the made to measure option is that the process is hassle free. Your local blind company will measure, make, install and guarantee your blinds.

The other reason for the higher prices is the expected lifespan of the blinds. Made to measure blinds will be made with higher quality components and fabrics which will make the blinds harder wearing and more reliable.

Other important things you need to consider.

In my years of experience the most important thing for landlords when it comes to blinds is reliability.

So a few tips that will ensure you have the right blinds for your rental property.

If you are looking at Vertical or Roller blinds then PVC fabric is a great option. Its blackout (great for bedrooms), its waterproof (great for kitchens and bathrooms) and it is very hard wearing (we use it a lot in schools and hospitals).

Wand operated Vertical Blinds are more reliable than the cord operated version as there are no cords of strings to get tangled. Wand operation is also 100% child safe.

wand operated vertical blind

You also have the option with Vertical Blinds of having a heavy duty rail system. The heavy duty rail has wheels runners that hold the fabric making it much smoother and easier to operate. The red parts you can see in the picture below are the wheels.


wheeled trucks

Vertical Blinds can also be made without the chains that run across the bottom, again this is one less thing you have to worry about.

I really hope this advice has helped and gives you some idea of what to look for when choosing the right blinds for rental property. The advice is based on my experience of over 30 years working in rental properties from bedsits to 800 apartment blocks.

merlin wharf rental property merlin wharf rental flat

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