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Blinds for new homes…when should you order?

Blinds for new homes…when should you order? This is something I get asked several times a day.

blinds for new homes

The dilemma is you are moving into your new home and there is nothing at your windows, so when is the right time to order the blinds for new homes?

The first thing you need to do is get the windows measured, I recommend you wait until all of the plastering, tiling and flooring is finish that way whoever visits to measure can take accurate sizes and will not have to revisit because the work is complete.

You’re chosen company can meet you at your new home or collect the keys from the marketing suite or site office and then measure all of your windows.

If you are not going to be there when they are measuring it is a good idea to know what style of blinds you are looking for as some blinds need measuring slightly differently for certain windows.

Once the sizes have been taken I would recommend a visit to the companies showroom to get a better idea of styles, colours etc.

If you want the blinds for new homes installing on the day you move in then you need to be thinking a few weeks in advance.

The time it takes to make the blinds for new homes can vary from product to product.

To give you and idea these are our current lead times (they may vary from company to company)

  • Vertical Blinds…10 days
  • Roller Blinds…10 days
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds…15 days
  • Roman Blinds… 25 days
  • Shutters…55 days

As you can see it varies massively from product to product so it makes sense to plan ahead.

If you are concerned about paying deposits before the move is completed which I totally understand it isn’t the end of the world.

Temporary pleated blinds are available off the shelves at places like Ikea for just a few pounds that will at least give you some privacy.

Our estimators carry these in their vans to give away for free if clients have already moved in. They simple stick to the frames of your windows and are very easy to remove when you new blinds are installed.

So when it comes to blinds for new homes planning is the key.

Step 1: Visit your local blind showroom to decide on the blinds you would like.

Step 2: Get the windows measured once the work is complete.

Step 3: Visit it the showroom again to confirm your final choices.

Moving house can be very stressful but getting blinds for new homes shouldn’t be.

I hope this advice helps and I hope your new home is filled with love, laugh and happiness. (and new blinds!)

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