fun, colourful curtains for children's bedroom
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fun, colourful curtains for children's bedroom

Blinds & Curtain Ideas for Your Children’s Bedrooms

Windows Dressing Ideas for Your Children’s Bedrooms 

There are so many new and interesting home decor items being added to an already impressive catalogue of kids’ bedroom design ideas. More than ever retailers are providing as many interesting design options for kids’ bedrooms as they do for adults, and why not? Kids have just as much of an opinion about their room as anyone. This extends to blinds and curtain choices. Keep reading to find out the right choices for your child’s bedroom:

Children’s blinds and curtains 

When it comes to selecting bedroom curtains you may want to go with blackout curtains to help keep light out of the room. And make sure your child’s sleep is undisturbed. Some bedroom curtains also offer a thermal heating element that will help to keep the warmth in. Perfect for those cold winter nights.

In terms of design, if your child has a favourite character from a cartoon or other show, more than likely there have been curtains made featuring them! Younger kids especially will love having a character taking centre stage on their curtains. It doesn’t have to be a well-known character either. For example, if a kid is really into dinosaurs you can bet there are hundreds of dinosaur-themed curtains to choose from!

Blue curtains in childs bedroom, floor to ceiling window dressing

Interior design should always be about the overall look of the room. Perhaps you and your child have a theme to run with, like ‘pretty pink’. Maybe their bedding and storage spaces are pink, so why not have some curtains or blinds that match the theme? But you don’t always have to go with the same colour when selecting curtains or blinds as part of a theme. It’s important to try to find something that complements the overall look of the bedroom.

Before we go on, an important note about choosing blinds for your child’s bedroom. Please make sure to fully research the safest options available. A lot of accidents occur from blinds with cords. One way around any potential health and safety issues is to go for curtains or cordless blinds. These are ways to ensure you have the safest option for your child’s bedroom.

Just like with curtains there are plenty of different design choices. You can go with a blackout option for your blinds. And thermal options also exist to help keep both the light out and heating inside. Again, you can also find products with incredible designs like character drawings, dynamic patterns, or block colours that match the decor of the bedroom in the same way as with the curtains.

Sometimes you will even see bedroom curtains with a design that matches exactly the design of a bedding set. This is a great way to decorate a bedroom and give it a distinct theme. We hope that our blog has made it easier to decorate your children’s bedroom and given you more options you might not have thought about. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 366 0652. Or head over to our contact page to fill in the online enquiry form. One of our friendly and expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.