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Are blinds cheaper than curtains ?

Are blinds cheaper than curtains? is not something we get asked a great deal as we do not supply curtains.

From my experience over the last 30 years in general blinds do work out cheaper than curtains.

Blinds do work out cheaper for several reasons, firstly there is a lot more fabric used to make a pair of curtains compared to say a roller blind.

Most curtains tend to be lined, so not only have you got the main fabric of the curtain but you have also got the lining fabric, whereas a roller blind is made from one piece of fabric and certain fabrics are made as blackout with a great deal of extra cost.

The other main reason blinds are cheaper than curtains is the time it takes to make them. We do not make curtains but I know a few people who do, and I know it is not a quick job. As I said before most curtains are lined and for large pairs of curtains the fabric needs to be joined and for patterned fabrics the pattern needs to match at the point they are joined.

Other than Roman blinds these are not an issue when making blinds, so the manufacturing process is much quicker meaning the blinds can be sold cheaper.

Another reason blinds cheaper than curtains is that you not only have to buy the curtains but you also have to buy the rail, pole or curtain track, again adding to the cost.

If you would like your blinds or curtains professionally installed then this will also have a bearing on the costs.

Generally installing a window blind will take a professional installer between 10 and 20 minutes, whereas a curtain with a pole could easily take over an hour as professionally installed curtains will always need ‘dressing’ at the window insuring they are hanging nice and straight.


I hope this answers the question as to why blinds cheaper than curtains and I hope the information has been helpful and it hasn’t come across too biased on the side of the blinds.

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