Cat looking out of blinds
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Cat looking out of blinds

Which blinds would suit your pets?

Just had a really interesting conversation with a lady who needed new blinds for her home.

The interesting part of the conversation was that the blinds needed to suit her pets. There was no interest in what style of blind most suited her windows it was all about the cats.

Choosing blinds with pets to consider is not just the blind style,  but also what it is made from.

My first choice would always be a roller blind. Roller blinds are pretty robust, very easy to operate and are available in many PVC wipe clean fabrics. The advantage with roller blinds is in how they operate. You can lower the blinds part way down the window leaving room to allow your pets to see out.

My second choice would be Faux Wood Venetian Blinds. Faux wood blinds have the style and the look of wooden venetian blinds. Made from PVC rather than timber so they are very easy to keep clean. These blinds are perfect for homes with pets who like to look out of the window but are not adventurous enough to climb.

Altering the angle of the slats allows your pet to see out. Whist the robust nature of the 50mm slats are pretty hard wearing.

Vertical blinds are not quite so practical. Made from the same PVC wipe clean fabrics as roller blinds. The down side with vertical blinds is the chain at the bottom that joins the strips of fabric together. Your pet could get tangled in this chain and possibly hurt themselves or more likely damage the blind.

Aluminium Venetian blinds are something I would not recommend. Venetian Blinds are fragile and can be easily damaged.

So there are blinds that will suit both you and your pets. (Our customer chose roller blinds)

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