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Bi Fold Door Blinds…Modern solutions for modern doors

We have seen a massive increase over the last few years in the number homes that have Bi fold doors, so the blind trade has had to come up with some innovative Bi fold door blinds.

There are 2 options when we quote for blinds for bi fold doors, option 1 are blinds that fit to the panels of the bi fold door and move with the door as it opens and closes.

Option 2 are blinds that fit in front of the doors rather than on them.

Bi fold door blinds that fit into the panels from our experience are the most popular as you still get the full effect and look of the doors. This has created issues with traditional blinds for 2 reasons.

Firstly traditional blinds are not thin enough to allow the doors to fold back fully, and secondly not many people want you screwing into their brand new doors.

So the blind trade came up with brand new unique blind system called INTU. INTU blinds fit into the beading of the window / door without the need for drilling or using screws.

The brackets simply push into the beading.

intu brackets

Available as a venetian blind or a pleated blind in a huge range of colours, styles and designs from subtle to statement.

Windows of the week  INTU blinds allow the doors to open fully without impeding the folding doors.


Bifold blinds bifold door blinds Blinds blocking the sun

This weeks introduction of the new INTU Micro means we now have options for most designs of bi fold doors, even those with the tightest of closures.

As I said the other option are blinds fitting in front of the doors rather than on to the doors.

The main reason people chose this option is cost. Depending on your choice of blind you may only need 1 or 2 blinds to cover the door, whereas the INTU option of 1 per panel you will need 3,4,5 or even 6 depending on the size of the door.

If you are looking to have the least number of blinds then a vertical blind is the perfect option as the can cover up to 5 metres in one blind. I know vertical blinds seem a little dated, but even they have had a face lift and its called Allusion.

Its a cross between a vertical blind and a curtain. Allusions are the perfect bi fold door blinds because of the options you have for light control. Fully open so you can see out, light filtering voile and total privacy.

allusion closed allusion open

Another big advantages with Allusion over traditional vertical blinds in no chain at the bottom, so you can actually walk through the blind when it is closed.

allusion walk through

For all other types of blinds you would need at least 2 or 3 blinds depending on the size of the doors.

Something important to remember is if you need 3 or more blinds then you need to think about how the will be controlled. I’ve seen a number of jobs installed by our competitors where there are cord hanging down in the middle of the doors which looks awful.

We have done a number of bi fold door blinds which are operated by remote control. There are no chains to hide and remote operation at only £99 per blind it is not as expensive as you may think, and does look fantastic when you press the button and all 3 blinds come down together.

Blinds over french doors


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