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Automated Blinds

Benefits of Investing in Automated Blinds

The world is switching to automation and voice activation for almost anything and everything. Smart home technology is becoming more popular than ever before. All the technology being employed in our lives is geared towards a common goal – easy living. 

With automated blinds slowly becoming a trend, you may be wondering whether you should jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of this kind of automation. If you’re not yet decided, here are the main reasons for investing in automated blinds this Christmas.

1. Convenience – The Perfect Christmas Gift 

You don’t have to keep on running back and forth to open and close your blinds. Instead, you can do it at the touch of a button or with the help of a timer. We can all relate to the inconvenience of having to get off the sofa while watching a movie because you have to close the blinds.

An automated blinds system offers great convenience as you don’t have to move through your home to pull down every shade. You just have to use a button or create a bespoke system that makes it possible to have the blinds in different rooms open or close automatically at different times of the day.  

2. Safety Reasons

The dangling cords for blinds can be seen as “playful toys” by young children. They may just pull on them and break the mechanism. However, the worst-case scenario is that they could potentially hurt themselves. 

Luckily, automated window dressings have no cords. This does not only give them a cleaner look but also makes them safer for use in homes where young ones are present. Automated blinds also give the impression that someone is at home and this can deter any potential burglars. 

3. Raise Property Value

One of the main benefits of custom automated blinds is that they can add value to your home.  Any potential buyers will be glad that you took the initiative to improve your home when you owned it. Automated blinds can be quite a strong selling point, allowing you to rake in more cash when selling your home. 

4. Energy Savers

We all know how much you can gain from saving electricity even when the power is not being used. When connected to a smart home hub, motorised blinds can close or open depending on the weather. You can program your blinds to open when the sun is shining so that your home is warm when you get home, or alternatively remain closed so it is cool instead.

During the winter, your blinds can open independently when it’s warm outside to allow the warmth into your house. Such capabilities can go a long way in reducing energy bills, saving you a good amount of money.

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5. Variety of Styles 

The one thing that makes most people want to take a different direction when it comes to window treatments is being limited to just a few customisation options. However, when it comes to automated blinds you will have different options to choose from in terms of style, colour, and fabrics. You can even choose to have voice-activated blinds!

6. Great Aesthetic Value

Everyone will notice the new awesome look – they just speak for themselves, don’t they? With so many different styles to choose from, it’s a guarantee that you’ll find the perfect automated blinds for you and your home.

In Conclusion

You can never go wrong with automated blinds. There are more than enough reasons to make you want to change your traditional blinds this Christmas. Besides, it’s just a matter of time until automated blinds become standard. Just be sure to work with professionals when installing motorised blinds. You should also communicate your specific needs to the experts you are working with for better results. So, if you are in need of automated blinds, be sure to contact Barlow Blinds on 01163 660652 or visit our contact page for more details.