Home visits…. We won’t waste your time !

For our trade home visits are very, very important, so I’m constantly amazed by how some companies treat potential customers. We understand how valuable your time is so we have a policy for all home visits. You will be given a 1 hour time slot and our representative will be there within that 1 hour […]

Are blinds expensive?

Are blinds expensive? The simple answer is they don’t have to be. The price really depends on how much of the work you want to or are able to do. If you are willing to measure your windows, cut down the blinds and install them yourself then your blinds could be very cheap. Off the […]

What blinds are best for kitchens?

What blinds are best for kitchens? We’ve spent 130 years learning what is and what isn’t right for certain rooms in your home, and the kitchen is a room where the blinds need to be very practical and hard wearing. Our recommendations are always based on 2 things. Reliability and practically. Will it last? We will […]