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Are window shutters still in style?

Are window shutters still in style? is a question I got asked today by a customer in our showroom.

If they had asked me 5 years ago I would have said no, but things have changed massively over the last few years.

It is without doubt one of the fastest growing parts of our business.

We have always fitted shutters in the older style houses as the shutters were in keeping with the age and style of the home.

But over the last few years we have seen a much wider demand from more modern homes.

So when it comes to ‘are window shutters still in style?’ there are several reasons.

Firstly there has been a change in the type of material your shutters can be made from, with a huge rise in vinyl window shutters.

The reason for the change is that vinyl shutters are a little more practical than the traditional wooden shutters.

Completely waterproof so are suitable for bathrooms and kitchen, and the fact that they are waterproof makes them easier to keep clean as you don’t have to worry about damaging the painted finishes.

There has also been a huge increase in the colours available with a huge number of modern greys and stone colours to match the modern decor.

Some of the other changes to the modern window shutter ranges is to do with light and noise control.

The latest shutter ranges now have special frames that allow you to install a blackout blind behind the shutter to create the best room darkening window blinds available.

The blind and shutter combination also makes a huge difference in the about of noise that comes into your home.

If you are creative with your wall coverings then window shutters could make a really nice feature even in the most modern homes.

So when it comes to the question ‘are window shutters still in style?’, my answer would be 100% yes.

I hope this information helps, I would recommend a visit to your local shutter showroom to get a little more inspiration. If you would like more information of the most common problems with shutters and how to avoid them

A customer made a comment to one of our shutter team after her shutters were installed that she had spent weeks worrying if she had made the right choices for her shutters. We designed a design system to remove that worry.

Our new shutter design system allows you to see and design your shutters at your windows so you can see exactly how they will look before you spend a penny.