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Are window shutters blackout?

A question we get asked a lot when people are looking for blinds for their bedrooms is” are they blackout?” So are window shutters blackout?

The simple answer is no, due to the design of a window shutter you could never describe a standard shutter as blackout.

Window shutters are still pretty good and will blockout a substantial amount of light with the only real light gaps being between in louvres of the shutter.


So you can see in the picture when asked are window shutters blackout? they are ok but you could never describe them as blackout.

A simple way of reducing the light further is by choosing the larger louvre size, this will mean you need less louvres in your shutter meaning less light gaps.

If you really like the look of shutters but need your bedroom to be as dark as possible there is now another alternative.

We know how important a good nights sleep is and when we get asked ‘are window shutters blackout?’ we really want to be able the say yes.

So we have introduced a blackout window shutter to our range.

From the front it looks like a traditional window shutter but the real neat part is it has a special frame with a slot behind the shutter that we fit a blackout honeycomb blind into.


The honeycomb blinds are one of the best blackout blinds on the market, so when fitted behind your window shutter you are getting the best of both. The shutter look that you wanted and the best blackout available.

As you can see from this picture the shutter louvres are in the open position and the blackout blind is pulled down half way so you can see how much of a difference the extra blind makes.

If you would like more information on the most common shutter problems and how to avoid them

So now when we get asked are window shutters blackout? We can honestly say yes they are.

A customer made a comment to one of our shutter team after her shutters were installed that she had spent weeks worrying if she had made the right choices for her shutters. We designed a design system to remove that worry.

Our new shutter design system allows you to see and design your shutters at your windows so you can see exactly how they will look before you spend a penny.

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