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Are Vision blinds blackout?

Are vision blinds blackout? The simple answer is no.

Vision blinds have 2 fabrics that move independently, so unlike a traditional roller blind where there is one piece of fabric that will make the room pretty dark when fitted with a blackout fabric, vision blinds are no where near as good.

Vision-close up

As you can see from the photo there is a gap between the 2 fabrics which will allow extra light to come through, so it will really depend on how dark you need to make the room.

Are vision blinds blackout? will also depend of the fabric you choose. Some manufacturer’s have a blackout option in their fabric range.

The difference with this fabric is that the opaque panels you can see in the photo will be a blackout fabric, but you will still have the voile section that will let light in, and again the gap between the fabrics that will also let light in.


The photo above has the Sienna  blackout fabric, so as you can see it does a fairly good job, but could never describe it as a blackout blind.


So when it comes to Are Vision Blinds blackout? the answer is not really but there is another really nice advantage when is comes to vision blinds in your bedroom. You can still have a good level of privacy when lining the voile panels of the fabrics, but letting daylight in (see photo above), whereas a traditional roller blind is either up or down.

And with the remote controlled option you wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to let in the morning sunshine.

So when it comes to answering are Vision Blinds blackout? the question you need to think about is how blackout you need them to be. If having your bedroom as dark as possible is what you really need then there are far better blinds than the Vision.

We now offer a range of Vision blinds with a ‘dimout’ bottom rail option , this rail reduces the gap between to 2 fabrics and that will reduce to amount of light entering the room.


I really hope this information answers your questions.

A visit to your local blind showroom would be well worth it, so you can seethe Vision blinds first hand.

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