Are Shutter Blinds expensive?

Are Shutter Blinds expensive? is not the easiest question to answer as it really depends on what you would class as expensive.

If you are comparing Shutter Blinds to more traditional blinds such as Wooden Venetian, Roller or Vertical blinds then the answer is yes Shutter Blinds are expensive.

A customer described their Shutter Blinds as having a piece of furniture at your window when compared to other blinds.

That description is pretty accurate, Shutter Blinds are installed in a made to measure frame with panels that can fold back to the wall and with slats that you can open and close to control the light entering the room.So compared to say a roller blind that just moves up and down there is a lot more to your shutter blinds.


To give you an idea of the difference in price for a 1200mm wide x 1200mm deep roller blind measured and installed we would charge £104.00 inc vat, for a shutter blind at the same size we would charge £430.00 inc vat.

4 times the price for the same size window is a big difference ad there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly when measuring for shutter blinds the measurements have to be millimetre perfect because the shutter frame has to sit snug into your window recess so that takes a little longer to measure.

The manufacturing process for shutter blinds takes a lot longer due to all of the different parts that need to be made and assembled. The frame, the doors, and the slats all their own individual manufacturing process.

The installation of a shutter blind takes up to 4 times longer than installing a more traditional blind and usually takes 2 fitters to fit the frame into place.

Yes there is a price difference between shutter blinds and other types of blinds but there are also some advantages with your shutter blinds.

With shutter blinds you have the perfect blind for your privacy. They are the only blind style that you can have the bottom of the shutter closed for your privacy and the top open to let in as much light as possible. Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

shutter blinds in bathrooms

If you have a bay window in your home the shutter blinds are in my opinion the best product we install. Because the shutter panels fit into a frame there are no gaps. All other blind styles will have gaps between the blinds.

shutter blinds in a bay

The other really big advantage with your shutter blinds is there lifespan. They will comfortably last 10 times longer that other blind styles. I was once told by a trade supplier when you install a shutter at a window you will never go back to that house again. This is very true, with most blind styles 4-5 years down the line we get called in to replace fabrics etc. This is never the case with a shutter blind as our trade supplier said “you will never go back.”

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