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Are Hillarys Blinds expensive?

Are Hillarys blinds expensive? It depends on who you ask.

We’ve updated our tips and advice on the question: are Hillarys blinds expensive? It can be difficult to determine as Hillarys are a franchise so the service you’ll receive will vary quite a lot. But here is our best guidance on this.

Are Hillarys Blinds expensive is a question I get asked fairly often and there is not really a clear cut answer.

I’ve had 2 customers in our showroom today who had both had quotes from Hillarys Blinds, both thought the quotes were more expensive than they had expected.

I know a lot of Hillarys Blinds customers who are very happy with the prices so I think its all about perspective.

Are Hillarys Blinds expensive? 50% off Special offers

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If a large part of your marketing is based around 50% off special offers then that is what people will be expecting.

From our experience and customer comments the’special offer’ fabrics are fairly limited. As soon as you come off that range then everything else would seem expensive.

The ‘50% off’ is an offer to get people to book appointments. Very similar to DFS who also have a seemingly never ending all year round sale.

If Hillarys Blinds sold every blind at a genuine 50% off then I don’t think they would still be in business. So they hope that the blinds / fabrics you really like are in the more expensive ranges.

One lady described this as false advertising as she was expecting everything to be 50% off. So for her the quotation did seem expensive.


Are Hillarys Blinds expensive? Not for what you get

To get a made to measure blind fitted at you’re window Hillarys Blinds offer a pretty fair price.

They will seem expensive if you are comparing them to the 3 Blinds for £99 companies. To get a good quality blind measured and fitted they seem pretty reasonable from the quotations I’ve seen.

Our pricing is slightly different we don’t believe in 50% off, Buy 1 get 1 free etc. We just use honest upfront prices that are not the cheapest so we would not do anything to give a cheap impression.

Are Hillarys blinds expensive? If you are getting quotes from reputable blind companies then Hillarys Blinds are fairly well priced.

Are Hillarys Blinds expensive? That depends on the agent

Hillarys Blinds use a lot of sales agents. Self employed people who sell Hillarys products. We have known the prices to vary depending on which agent visits you’re home.

I’ve seen quotations that are very cheap and we could not or would not compete. I’ve also seen quotations that seem very, very expensive. So I think it maybe the luck of the draw as to which agent visits you.

This is one reason we never use agents or pay commission. We have set price lists so whoever visits you’re home from Barlow Blinds the price will always be the same. Again honest and upfront prices.

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