blinds behind a bathroom in a bathroom
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blinds behind a bathroom in a bathroom

Are Day and Night Blinds suitable for bathrooms?

Are day and night blinds suitable for bathrooms? is a question we get asked fairly often. The honest answer is no, not really.

The design of day and night fabrics with a fabric panel and a voile panel means they are fairly delicate and you need to be careful should you need to clean them.

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Most bathroom blinds need to be more robust and moisture resistant to allow you to clean them more often than a bedroom or living room blind.

So we would never say that day and night blinds are suitable for bathrooms……until now!

After getting asked more and more ‘are day and night blinds suitable for bathrooms?’ we now have a fabric range that is perfectly suitable for bathrooms.

Our C Screen fabrics are moisture and fungal resistant and are made from PVC can be wiped over should your blind get splashed.

Grey day and night blinds

Our Day and Night Blind bathroom range has 6 fabric colours. White, Cream, Beige and 3 shades of grey.

We really like to solve problems that our customers have, and day and night blinds that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens is one we have been trying to solve for a few years.

So there are now Day and Night blinds that are suitable for every room in your home. Room darkening fabrics for your bedrooms, a huge range of fabrics for living rooms and dining rooms and new fabrics that are perfect for your bathroom and kitchen.

So when it comes to the question ‘are day and night blinds suitable for a bathroom?’ the answer is 100% YES.

If you would like a home visit to see our range of waterproof day and night blinds please call 0116 2769771 or leave your details and we will call you back


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