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Are blinds expensive?

Are blinds expensive? The simple answer is they don’t have to be.

The price really depends on how much of the work you want to or are able to do.

If you are willing to measure your windows, cut down the blinds and install them yourself then your blinds could be very cheap.

Off the shelf: Many of the big DIY stores offer blinds that are ready made.

  • Positives: Cheap prices, ready to collect.
  • Negatives: Limited choice, not the right size, returning the blind to the store if faulty.

You will need to be pretty confident with your measurements and have good DIY skills to be able to alter the size of the blind and fitting the brackets.

Quick Tip: If you fit the blinds on the outside of the windows you will not need to alter the sizes.

Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind

Made to measure and self fit: Made to measure blinds that you will need to measure and install yourself

  • Positives: Larger selection of colours / fabrics, blinds will be made to your exact sizes.
  • Negatives: More expensive than off the shelf option, you take responsibility for measuring and installing, returning the blinds to the supplier if faulty

barlow blinds measuring window for blinds

Quick Tip: The best way to buy these blinds is on the internet. Input your sizes, choose your colour and the blind will be made to your sizes.

Bespoke Made to measure service: The complete done for you service.

  • Positives: Huge selection of fabrics / blind styles, everything will be done for you, measured, made and installed. Will also include an on site guarantee.
  • Negatives: More expensive, longer delivery times as the blinds will be bespoke.

This is the hassle free option. Your chosen blind company will take full responsibility for the full job. from measuring, making and installing.

pollergen highland roller blinds

So the answer to the question ‘Are blinds expensive?’ comes down to a matter of choice, what are you willing to do, and how much choice do you want for the blinds in your home or workplace.

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