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Posted on 26 February 2019 by Phil Coleman

What are Duette Blinds ? simple answer the best blinds we do by far. Duette blinds have so many different fabrics and operating systems that make them the perfect blinds for your home.

A customer asked me “if I could only keep one of products which would it be?” My answer was Duettes, but what are duette blinds?

They are by far the most versatile blind we have.

1.A single blind can be up to 4 metres wide, very few blinds can go that wide.

Very few blinds we sell can be made up to 4 metres wide and with more and more picture windows and large bi-fold doors they look fantastic.

2.They are the best energy saving blind we offer.

The honeycomb design of the duette fabric means there is a layer of air trapped in the blind that works in a similar way to your double glazing to help stop the warm air escaping in the winter months.

3.They have a simple fit option, which means no need of drilling or screws, perfect for doors.

Simple fit Duette blinds are ideal for French and Bi-fold doors, but can be used on other PVC windows. The brackets push behind the rubber seal on you windows and the blind simple clips into place.

4.Easy rise operation as standard, meaning no cords or chains so are completely child safe.

Easy rise operation is fantastic, no cords or chains, just simply raise and lower the blinds by using the tab on the bottom rail.

5.Fantastic as a blackout blind, no holes and the fabric goes virtually the full width of the blind.

By far the best ‘standard’ blind you can get for your bedroom. Unlike roller blinds where the fabric comes in 15mm on each side, the duette blackout fabric only comes in 3mm from each side so there will be far less light coming in during the summer months.

6.Motorised option, including voice activated via Alexa.

Duette blinds can be operated by a remote control, from your phone or tablet and even voice activated by Alexa.

7.Top down version which is perfect for bedrooms.

The top down version of the duette blind is designed for bedroom, where you still need privacy for the bottom part of the window but would like daylight at the top.

I hope this helps explain ‘what are duette blinds?’ and I hope you can see why we love them.

I would recommend a visit to your local showroom so you can see Duettes for yourself.

If you are in Leicestershire then great news you can bring our duette range to you. Please call 0116 2769771 or what’s app 07718186941 to arrange your home visit. If you are outside Leicestershire I hope this information has been useful and you should be able to find a supplier local to you.

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