Your Conservatory……..What would Goldilocks do?


It is very unusual for us to get asked to quote for conservatory blinds in the winter.

Its now almost November and we have several orders in production and we are quoting for several more.

So what’s changed……

Talking to our customers they really want their conservatories to be a room they can use all year round. What they want to achieve the Goldilocks effect, not too hot (in the summer) nor too cold (in the winter), just a pleasant temperature all year round.

Mr & Mrs Foster were just such customers.

After spending over 5 years since their retirement deliberating on whether or not to invest some of their hard earned savings into a conservatory that extends their enjoyment of their garden into their home, the decision was made “Let’s do it, we’ve thought about it long enough”

Six months and several quotations later their £20,000 conservatory was ordered.

Their conservatory was installed in November and it was everything they had dreamed of, a room that brings their home and garden together.

Then we get to June and the dream starts dying a little.

“We can only sit out there for the first few hours in the morning come lunchtime the heat is just unbearable. We have had to move all of our plants out of there because they started to wither”

“We’ve spoken to the window company because we didn’t expect it to get this warm especially as we paid extra for the special roof to keep it cooler, the only comment they made was imagine how hot it would be without the special glass in the roof”

Don’t worry Mrs Foster we can solve your problem.

The conservatory was stunning, as you would expect for £20,000, but that wasn’t the first thing that hit you, the first thing was the heat and it was only 11.30am.

You could see why this was their dream conservatory it was massive and very beautifully designed. We spent about ½ an hour in their before having to move into the house.

“We can definitely solve your problem with the heat, I know the exact product and fabric type fabric you need and it will also compliment your conservatory beautifully”

The order was placed and the blinds were installed.

A couple of months later a thank you note arrived on my desk.

“Dear Mr Coleman,

I’m writing this note at 3.43pm sat in my conservatory, it is 23 degrees outside and very pleasant inside thanks to your advice”

The note did go on to say more but that was all I really needed to hear.

That wasn’t the last I heard from Mrs Foster, another note arrived just after christmas.

“Dear Mr Coleman,

I’m not sure whether you are aware that the blinds also do a great job of retaining heat this time of year, we hardly used the conservatory last winter, this year we have used it continually this year even having our christmas dinner in there”

I did know that the blinds would work well in both summer and winter and it is really nice to hear it directly from our customers.

If you get the right advice about your blinds you will have a room that you could use all year round. Goldilocks would be proud !