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Window Shutters in Lubbesthorpe

When it comes to Window Shutters in Lubbesthrope, we at Barlow Blinds have got it covered.
We have been installing blinds and window shutters in Lubbesthorpe and the surrounding areas for over 120 years.
At Barlow Blinds we have a saying “We don’t find customers for our blinds and window shutters, we find the right blinds and window shutters for our customers”

Our Window Shutter range certainly fits into that saying with 4 different ranges, 5 different slat sizes and numerous colour options.
With our goal of providing the right Window Shutters we take things a little further.

Waterproof Shutters for your bathroom and kitchen.

Faux wood window shutters…..all the style of a traditional shutter but 100% waterproof making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also a great option for children’s bedrooms as they can simply be wiped down to remove little finger prints.

Bathroom Shutters in Lubbesthorpe

Blackout Shutters for your bedrooms.

As question we get asked a lot is “are window shutters a good choice for bedrooms?”  The honest answer is they are pretty good, but we weren’t happy with pretty good as we know how important a good nights sleep is.

So we now offer a Window Shutter and Shade combination. So it looks like a shutter from the front but is designed with a special frame that allows us to fit a blackout blind behind your shutter.

So you keep the look of a shutter with the added benefit of the best blackout blind available.

Blackout Shutters in Lubbesthorpe

Remote Controlled Shutters

When is comes to operating your shutters we have 3 options.

Option 1: Tilt rod operation is the traditional way to operate your shutters, just move the rod on the front of your shutter up and down to alter the angle of the louvres.

Option 2: Clearview operation is a more minimal look with no rod, just simply tilt one of the louvres to alter the angle.

Option 3:  Another recent addition to our window shutters is the remote control operation. This is another addition that came from repeated requests from our customers, so simply sit back and relax and control your shutters from your sofa or bed. again we find the right shutters for our customers.

Remote Control Shutters in Lubbesthorpe

So if you are looking for Window shutters in Lubbesthorpe or the surrounding areas we can certainly help. If you would like to try before you buy please feel free to call into our Uppingham Road showroom where we have 6 different shutters on display including remote controlled and another new edition the self closing shutters.

Our estimators regularly visit homes in Lubbesthorpe, Enderby, Leicester Forest East and on through to Desford so if you would prefer we can bring our window shutter range to you. Call 0116 2769771 to arrange a home visit.

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