Window blinds top down…perfect for light control and privacy

Window blinds top down are becoming more and more popular.

They work the opposite way round to conventional blinds, so rather than the blinds coming down from the top like traditional roller, roman and pleated blinds, these blinds give you privacy at the bottom of the windows whilst letting light in at the top.

Dark blue themed bedroom


Window blinds top down are the perfect blinds for bedrooms where you need the privacy at the bottom of the window but light coming through at the top so you can get changed without turning the lights on.

There are a number of different window blinds top down styles, our the most popular blind type is the Duette blinds.

Popular because of the wide range of fabrics to choose from, from sheers that you can see through that just filter the light to Blackout that do a fantastic job of reducing the light entering the room.

The Duette window blinds top down are completely cordless so are 100% child safe. They can be operated manually using their unique literise system, or for the ultimate in luxury the powerview motorised option that can be operated by a remote control, or even by your smart phone.

Light Blue blinds

Another popular option for window blinds top down are INTU BLINDS. Again the blinds are completely cordless and are available as either a pleated or a honeycomb blind.

The big advantage of the INTU Blinds are that they are the only blinds we install that we do not need to drill any holes.

The blinds use brackets that fit into the rubber on your double glazing, so there is no drilling and no screws.

brown blinds

The INTU window blinds top down and bottom up as seen in the picture above which gives you a number of options of controlling the light and the level of privacy.

window blinds top down

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