Why are Luxaflex so expensive?

Why are Luxaflex so expensive? The simple answer is they are the blind trade’s designer brand.

Unlike many designer brands you are not just paying for the same product with a fancy label.

Luxaflex is at the forefront of blind design, not only in blind styles, but fabric collections and operating systems.

So if really want to make a feature of your windows then Luxaflex is the only place to look, but at a price.

Luxaflex know who their blinds are for, and that is the top 5% of window blind buyers, if you are not in the top 5% then they are not the right blinds for you and Luxaflex are quite happy with that.

New for 2018 is the Pirouette blind. It looks and works like no blind you have ever seen. I’ve been in the blind trade for over 30 years and I can honestly say this blind is beautiful.

We have had a Pirouette on display in our showroom since March and we have had 100’s of people who love how it looks and how it works, but have only sold 2.

£1000 for one blind is out of most people’s reach, but if you really want the best there is nothing else like it.

This is what you are paying for something different, and something unique and this all takes time and money to design and develop.

A lot of Luxaflex time and money over the last few years has gone into their Powerview operating system.

Again this was ahead of its time. Blinds that can work from a remote control (even the remotes look cool), from your smartphone, programmed to operate at certain times or even voice activated via Alexa.

Powerview Blinds in a bedroom

Motorised blinds have been around for years but Powerview takes them to a new level. Imagine 8pm and all the blinds in your home close for the night without you touching a button, or even being in the house.

I hope this has given you an small insight into you Luxaflex are so expensive compared to other window blinds.

For me it comes down to value, a good window blind should last 10 years plus and I would sooner pay a little more at the start than replacing cheaper blinds every few years.

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