What is the Difference Between a Canopy and An Awning?

Awnings and canopies create a shaded area giving sun protection for a property, either for your home or commercial premises. As well as simply providing shade on retail premises such as shops, they can also have the retailer’s brand or name displayed to attract customers. This increases the visual presence on the high street to make the premises stand out.

At home, companies can fit awnings Leicester over windows to prevent sun damage to furniture and fabrics and keep rooms cool during hot spells. Larger awnings over patios or terraces will help homeowners benefit from the shade when sitting out and enjoying the view of the garden. When entertaining al fresco, guests can be shaded from the sun and enjoy a meal without being uncomfortably warm.

Awnings Leicester can be made from different materials including canvas, polyester. polycotton, acrylic, and vinyl.

What is the difference between a canopy and an awning?

Both canopies and awnings are fabric covered structures designed to provide shade and cover from the weather. They are quite different in their architecture, though. An awning is made of fabric that’s fixed to a building over a window or a patio door. It is then opened out and is free standing with no extra support.

Canopies Leicester are quite different in structure. The fabric cover is supported by poles, usually at each corner and is free standing so it can be positioned where it’s needed. This could be in a garden to create a shaded area away from the building. As they are not fixed to the wall, they are also ideal to act as a cover at a car boot sale, or a market stall.

What are the different types of awnings?

There are three types of awnings all fitted to provide shade and cover using a fabric cover with different ways to store.

  • Open awning: with this type of awning the fabric cover when retracted is not covered and open to the elements. This can lead to damage to the fabric for exposure to sunlight and rain. This type of awning will have a reduced life as the fabric deteriorates with weathering.
  • Semi cassette awnings: semi-cassette awnings, are partially covered awning systems that, when retracted, provide some protection from the weather than the non-cassette version but not to the same degree as the full cassette type. An improvement on an open awning but still some weathering will happen.
  • The full-cassette version is designed to enclose and completely protect the awning from all types of weather. Once fully closed, the awning rolls up completely inside the cassette, along with the folding mechanical arms. The full cassette awning is the best option to prolong the life of your awning by storing it away, fully protected.

How do you operate an awning?

There are three ways to operate your awning.

  • Gear operation, this is a manual way to open and retract an awning. Turning a handle to open or close the awning.
  • Remote control, open and close at the touch of a button
  • Fully automated, this system uses light sensors, opens when the sun shines and automatically closes as the light levels drop.


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