Vertical Blinds: Why do the pockets fall apart?

vertical blinds papyrus material


Today we had a customer visit our showroom in Leicester with arms full of vertical blinds fabric.

She had had the whole house fitted with blinds, but 2 years later the bottom pockets of her fabric had fallen apart.

This is something we come across fairly regularly and there is always the same reason for them failing.

The fabric for vertical blinds has a pocket at the top and another at the bottom.

The pockets are secured in 2 ways.

  1. Glued. Glued pockets make the manufacturing of vertical blinds very quick and easy, as the colour of the fabric doesn’t matter as the glue can be used on any colour as it is not seen.
  2. Sewn. Sewn pockets are more time consuming as there is far more labour involved.

Glued pockets are the ones we see fail most often as the glue will get affected by sunlight and UV rays.

Sewn pockets are less likely to fail depending on the thread that is used.

The quick way of sewing pockets is by using a clear thread. That way there is no need to change the thread for the different coloured fabrics. This thread will also get affected by direct sunlight and will fail over time.

The traditional way of sewing pockets is with acrylic thread in a colour that matches the fabric. This method is far more time consuming as you need to change the thread for every different coloured fabric, however usually we don’t often see pockets coming apart if sewn in this way.

As a company principle, if there is a right way of doing something, then that’s the way we will do it. Time and labour saving for us is less important than making blinds that will last.

So when placing an order for any new blinds always ask the question of how the pockets are sealed because it will have a huge effect on the lifespan of your blinds.

Vertical louvres being sewn by Caron in our Leicester factory.
Vertical louvres being sewn by Caron in our Leicester factory.

Our brand video below shows a few short sections of these vertical blinds pockets being sewn to give you an idea of how the process works – and how you should expect top quality blinds to be made!

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