School Blinds: Practical, informative and fun

It always amazes me when I visit schools on how cluttered some of the classrooms look, especially the walls, so much information and so little space.

The right blinds will help temperature control in both summer and winter and will also help filter the light making the viewing of whiteboards easier, all helping to make a better learning environment.

Generally the fabrics chosen for school blinds tend to be plain in colour, and either a dimout or blackout fabric.


There is now a new range of school blinds available on the market, that add extra interest to any classroom.


This new range of roller blinds are digitally printed on either a blackout or dimout fabric, so the room darkening performance is no different to your existing blinds.

The big difference is these blinds are informative. They can be printed with useful information that can be a learning aid for the students.

There are a huge range of topic available, and for a number of different age ranges.

When I first saw these school blinds it seemed the perfect answer to those cluttered walls and a brilliant way to make the most of what is usually dead space, and with school windows usually being quite large then that’s a lot of dead space.

So if you fancy school blinds with a difference, and something extra to help your pupils make the most of the learning environment, then hopefully purpose-made school blinds such as these could offer an exciting alternative to those plain blinds.