Pollergen Roller BLinds
Pollergen Roller BLinds

Roller Blind Fabrics: Where do you start?

Roller Blind Fabrics: So much choice, so little time


This Saturday I spent 3 hours in our showroom with a really nice couple looking for roller blind for their home.

Choosing the fabrics for 4 blind took 3 hours, largely because the couple didn’t really know what they wanted for each room before they came in.

My best advice would be to decide exactly what you want the roller blind fabric to achieve before you start thinking about colours or designs.

For example:

Do the blinds in the bedrooms need to have blackout fabric?

Do the blinds in the kitchen and bathroom need to be waterproof?

Does the fabric need to help reduce the heat in your conservatory?

Do you want your blinds to make a statement, or to co-ordinate with your décor?


As you can see the fabrics you choose can do far more than just look pretty at your windows.

Once you have decided on what you need the blinds to do then you can start thinking about colours and designs.

Most fabric books you will look through will have a good mixture of fabrics that tick most of the boxes. There are some that will offer a greater selection of certain fabric types that may help you making your choice easier.


Blackout Roller Blind Fabrics


Our customer’s preferred choice is The Fabric Box.

It contains a good range of plain colours including some vibrant colours, and also has large and really interesting range of patterned blackout fabrics.

For blackout fabrics for your children’s rooms the Solas Book has some great children designs including dinosaurs and fairies.


Waterproof Fabrics


These are ideal for your kitchen and bathrooms.

The Bespoke Book has a good range with various designs and a and colours.

If your looking to make a statement then Bloom fabric in the Louvolite Book might be just what you’re looking for.


Bold Designs and Feature Fabrics


These are fabrics that will really make a statement when you walk into the room. The most popular book with our customers who want to add the wow factor is the Solas Book.

Also the Style Studio Book has a good range of big bold prints and some interesting colour options.


Luxury Fabrics


The most popular book for fabrics that will add that look and feel of luxury is the Louvolite Book.

Their range of fabrics include Shot Silk, Chenille, and Satin that will add a touch of class to any room.


Hygienic Fabrics


There are fabrics that have been specially treated with a coating that will inhabit the growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew.

These fabrics also protect against the effects of dust mites which have proven to be a significant trigger for asthma, hayfever, and eczema.

The most popular selection of these fabrics can be found in the Louvolite Book.


I hope this information helps choosing your roller blinds, and helps you get the perfect blinds for your home.


The selections highlighted above are not my personal choice or influenced by any of my suppliers. They based on the choices made by over 2000 of our customers.


Other roller blind fabric books are also available, the ones we have listed are the most popular with our customers.