Heat loss infographic
Heat loss infographic

How to reduce your heating bills this winter

Its now early November and its the first morning I’ve had to scrape the frost off my car… as Game of Thrones so famously says, ‘Winter is coming’!

The blinds in your home already do a number of jobs, from adding a bit of colour to your rooms, blocking out the sunlight to help you sleep, providing privacy – but did you know? They can also help reduce your heating bills this winter!

Your blinds are a fantastic way of preventing heat escaping through your windows and doors, and we all know heating your home this time of year can cost a lot of money.

heatlossarrowsSome blinds do work better than others, such as the Duette blinds® (also known as honeycomb blinds); if you need further advice on which ones work best the please contact Barlow Blinds, your local blind company. However, there is no need to replace your existing blinds as all blinds will help prevent heat loss; they will create a barrier that will reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your windows.







Reducing your heating bills is as much about how you use your blinds as it is about the type of blinds you have.

We would recommend closing your blinds in the early evening and leaving them closed until morning.

This simple method will help keep as much heat in your home overnight, so your boiler isn’t having to work so hard the following morning to heat your home, and the less time your boiler is on the cheaper your heating bills.

It is estimated that certain blinds can pay for themselves within 5 years just by the money saved on your winter heating bills, so please make the most of your blinds this winter and keep the money in your pocket and not the energy companies.