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Night and Day Blinds……Roller Blinds but not as you know them!

Roller Blinds have been around for many years and are still very popular, the downside with Roller Blinds is that they are either up or down with no flexibility to filter the light. So some clever people in the blind trade decided things needed to change.

So they came up with the Night and Day Blinds, Duoroll, Vision and Twist blinds (all different names for the same product).

Night and Day blinds operate like traditional roller blinds (you can ours see here), but rather than a single piece of fabric they have 2, one running behind the other.

The fabrics have horizontal stripes, one solid band and one voile stripe. By matching the voile stripes you allow more light into the room and simply pull the cord to move the stripes apart and you have total privacy, as seen in the video below.

Pirouette Blinds are similar in how they work to the Night and Day Blinds with the option of total privacy and a voile section for great light control, and are the ultimate in luxury.

Its very difficult to explain exactly how it works in writing so please watch the video below to best get an understanding (I apologise in advance for the american accent):

These new designs have given Roller Blinds to same light filtering options you would only normally get from Vertical Blinds and Venetian Blinds.

As these blinds get more and more popular the colours and designs available is increasing. Whilst still not as many as the traditional roller blinds I’m sure there is now something to suit most colour schemes.

To operate the Night and Day blinds blinds there a 2 options. Side Chains that operate the same way as traditional roller blinds and a remote control option for that added luxury.

If the Night and Day blinds tick some boxes for you then I would recommend a visit to your local blind showroom (such as ourselves!) so you can see them in action, as it is a little difficult to get a good idea of how they look and work if you simply have someone visit your home.

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