Local Football team with a blinding new sponsor.

Barlow Blinds are now the proud sponsors on Houghton Rangers under 7s football team.

I’m a huge football fan and a Leicester City season ticket holder, so I’m love anything that gets children off their computers and outdoors playing sport. So as a business we jumped at the chance to help this team start up by buying their new kit.

That got me thinking about the bigger picture.

When we spend our money with local independent businesses across Leicestershire then most of the money you spend will stay local.

Take Barlow Blinds as an example,

  • Employ 14 people who live and shop in and around Leicester
  • Sponsor 2 local children’s football teams
  • Raise money for local charities like Loros
  • Buy our screws and fixings from our local DIY shop rather than screwfix. (Our orders cover his rent)

So you can see by choosing to shop locally you’re money will work its way into the local community and that way we will all benefit.

So next time you need a bag of sugar just have a thought about who would benefit the most from your business, the huge supermarket chains or your local corner shop. Yes they might be a little dearer but as you can see from our example that little extra can have a huge impact in the wider community.