Houghton football shirts
Houghton football shirts

Local Communities and simple things that help.

We know how important local communities are, and we love it when we get the chance to help.

We are now proud sponsors of Houghton Rangers under 7’s Football Team. houghton shirts

I’ve been a season ticket holder at Leicester City for over 30 years and I love my football. So when I was asked to sponsor this team I didn’t think twice.

Any thing that gets children off of their computers and outside playing sport I’m more than happy to support.

That got me thinking about our local communities and what more we could all do to help.

Barlow Blinds is a good example of how choosing to use local independent companies has an effect on the communities we live in.

  • We employ 14 people, who all live and shop locally.
  • Sponsor 2 local children’s football team.
  • Buy our screws and fixing from the local DIY store rather than screwfix (Our orders cover his monthly rent)
  • We help raise money for local charities like Loros.

Choosing local companies for what you need will mean most of the money you spend will stay local .

For every pound you spend in a local business 62p stays local, and for every pound you spend in a national chain that drops to 27p.

I know local stores can be dearer but I’d sooner pay that little bit more knowing we will all benefit.