How much are Pirouette blinds?

How much are Pirouette blinds? is one is one of the first questions we get asked when people first see the blind.

Why? Because it is unique and unique usually meas its expensive.

This short video will show you exactly what I mean.

Pirouette Blinds are one of the best blinds available for light control. Vanes closed for total privacy, vanes open to filter the day light and rolled away inside a neat cassette when not needed.

So back to the reason you clicked on this article ‘How much are Pirouette blinds?’

When compared to ‘standard’ roller blinds pirouette blinds are expensive, but you are getting far more than just a standard roller blind.

Due to the uniqueness of the pirouette prices may vary depending on where you are, i.e London might carry a higher premium.

The prices below are our prices and include measuring and installing in Leicestershire.

How much are Pirouette Blinds? Window sizes

1000mm wide x 1200mm deep £669.00 inc vat

1500mm wide x 1200mm deep £945.00 inc vat

2000mm wide x 1200mm deep £1123.00 inc vat

How much are Pirouette Blinds? Door sizes

1000mm wide x 2000mm deep £912.00 inc vat

1500mm wide x 2000mm deep £1288.00 inc vat

2000mm wide x 2000mm deep £1510.00 inc vat

These prices are for a cord operated blind, as you have seen in the video the blind can be operated by remote control.

Powerview remote phone tablet

The Powerview operation also allows the blinds to be operated by your phone, tablet and even voice activated via Alexa. (See other articles for more information on Powerview)

Pirouette blinds are available through the Luxaflex brand and you should be able to find an inspiration or gallery dealer local to you.

It is well worth a visit to their showrooms to see the pirouette blind for yourself, there is nothing like it when it comes to dressing your windows.

I hope this information has helped.

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