Automated blinds with silhouette
Automated blinds with silhouette

How can PowerView Blinds improve your home?

Automation has become part and parcel of almost every aspect of our lives. From cooking to driving and now to controlling blinds, automation has become an essential component of our environments. One place that has recently received an automation boost is the home environment. We’ve used window blinds for a long time. However, these blinds required us to operate them manually, which is kind of a hard job but we had to put up with it anyway. This has drastically changed with the introduction of PowerView Blinds. These kinds of blinds have been developed by Hunter Douglas. The most difficult tasks of having to manually lift or lower our blinds have suddenly ceased with the introduction of these blinds. These blinds can be programmed and remote controlled. All these capabilities have significantly changed our homes for the better. The following are the three main ways your home will improve with PowerView Blinds:


Technology has generally become an important part of our lives today. This has been depicted in the new blinds as well. The blinds come along with an app that you can install on either your tablet or smartphone. This app allows you to operate the blinds from your hand-held device from where you are. Since it makes use of the internet, you can control them from wherever you wish. You can operate the blinds and shades from anywhere. The best part is where you can use it to program your blinds and shades earlier so that they automatically respond to the commands you had programmed. Further, it allows you to synchronize the shades and blinds with sunrise and sunset times of your locale. This doesn’t mean that those who are not very tech-savvy won’t be able to operate them. Such people have the option of either of two remote controls. There is the Pebble remote control and Pebble Scene Controller remote control. The first emulates an updated version of traditional remote control along with ergonomic designs and colours that match those of your home. The latter brings together the functionalities of the former and those of the app.

Automated blinds


The blinds and shades are motorized. This makes the control of the windows more convenience as it makes our lives much easier. If you’re committed to something so that you can’t afford interruptions such as having to get up and adjust the blinds, you now have an option. You do not have to worry about all these as you can send commands right from where you are and the PowerView Blinds will oblige. This makes you more productive as it saves you the time you’d have spent doing all the window treatment work manually.

Brown automated blinds


There a lot of home components which are integrated today; from fridges to televisions and thermostats. PowerView Blinds can also be integrated with the other components. Other home automation systems can also be integrated with these window treatments. This blind innovation makes life easier at the home through the use of this blinds and shades.


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